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Title: Thinking of buying a c34 Mark1
Post by: Bob&Wly on June 23, 2016, 07:16:53 PM

Thinking of buying a c34 Mark1 (1988)  I've seen 10 listed on BoatTrader.  Prices run from $28K to $55K depending on condition and accessories.  Do they sell for asking or something less?


Title: Re: Thinking of buying a c34 Mark1
Post by: Ekutney on July 01, 2016, 09:01:49 PM
I looked at a number of C34s in the Dec/Jan timeframe, a 93 that had been sitting for a couple years asking price was $44K and it sold for $33K broker never called me back.  I looked at a 86 and the original asking price was $32k but it was lowered to $29K, I bought it for $26K.  All original with little to no upgrades except for the critical items.  I have put another $9k into in including marine AC/Heat, exhaust riser, waterlift muffler, removed and rebuilt heat exchanger, clutches, stack pac (similar to lazy jacks), had the main sail reworked, new UV strip on jib, water heater, fuel filter/separator, fresh water pump, all thru hulls changed to sea cocks, updated all lights to LED, rebuilt winches, ALL running rigging, ALL hoses (exhaust, engine water, fuel, fresh water (fill, vent & supply), lifelines and bottom paint.  Bottom line is I might have not had to do some of this to a newer boat but now I know exactly what I have.  My advice is look long and hard at as many boats as you can and decide how much money/effort you are willing to put into it.  I sit here after 6 months and feel I have not only a good boat but a new HOBBY.  I am the owner of a C34, a worthy boat for me.  Best of luck!