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Title: Galley makeover and cooler space ideas
Post by: Patches on December 16, 2019, 05:58:26 PM
I started going after some changes I have wanted to make in the galley.  I removed the old water heater, tore out the sink, and removed the countertop.  I removed the drawer under the sink and (like Stu) mounted it underneath the existing drawer in the V-berth.  Perfect fit.  I also enlarged the opening where the drawer was, and had a double door made for that area--much like the Mark IIs have.

Basically, I want a single bowl sink and more access underneath to fix plumbing, put in a fresh water filtration system, and put cleaning supplies.  (I'm going to put a new water heater in the bottom of the wet locker between the nav station and head.)

My question is what to do with the ice box space.  I don't have refrigeration right now, and I don't think I want to install the traditional cold plate/compressor system. I like the idea of an Engel, both for power consumption and portability.  I don't think there is an Engel unit I can pop into the space of the old cooler, at least not unless I move the upper cabinets and enlarge the cooler opening.  So my questions:

1.  Anyone tear out the ice box and build in some sort of storage?

2.  How hard was it?  It looks like basic sawing and extraction, with a lot of foam.

3.  Anyone try to put a "drop in" cooler unit into that space?  If so, what did you ultimately choose?

Thank in advance for your replies.  I really saved a lot of time by reading the tech wiki and Captain Al's step by step guide to removing the countertop--super helpful. Its in my garage! 

Title: Re: Galley makeover and cooler space ideas
Post by: britinusa on December 19, 2019, 04:06:05 PM
FYI, I installed a 3 filter and UV system in our water works, all of it fits under the sink and behind the triple drawer unit after I trimmed a few inches off of the back of it.

It's a single Whole house filter for the water going into the pump and then a 2 stage filter with UV unit inline with the drinking water faucet.
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