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Hot water heater on/off switch

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Ron Volk:
Is there an on/off switch for the hot water heater (hull #1235).  I can only find a push button on the panel that looks like a trip breaker for overload purposes.  When I push on it it does not pop out like an on/off switch would do.  I am concerned about the longevity of the heater and its coils if they are always on while the boat is in port and AC power is connected to the boat.     :?:


Stu Jackson:
That IS the on off switch for the heater.  It serves BOTH purposes you described. See the wiring diagram in the Manuals section of the website at  You only need to leave it ON for about 30 minutes when plugged into shorepower for the water to get hot.  We don't leave ours on all the time when plugged in.  If the water gets cold again, turn it on again.  It's not so much a longevity issue as it is a use issue.  Why use power when the water's already hot.  There is a hi limit on the electrical part of the heater, but it's most likely hotter than any water you'd ever need.

Jon Schneider:
RV, I had trouble with the outlets push button CB when I first bought my boat.  I used an aerosol air spray (air, not hair), and with use, it works now.  That said, it may be broken.  I just ordered a new one from an electrical supply company in order to add a third CB to accommodate AC to a DC power pack in order to run the refrigerator (thanks to John Nixon), but Seaward probably has exact replacements.

Ron Hill:
RV : As Stu said the AC switches on your main electrical panel are breaker switches -- Push in and the switch is ON, push in and the breaker pops out it's OFF. 
You may need a new breaker switch.  If so call Seaward (562)699-7997 and tell them the amp size you need.
Hope this helps.   :wink: 

Stu Jackson:
Based on the electrical material in the manual it's a 20A breaker.  I tried a reular breaker switch, rather than the pushbutton, but it would require a new hole since the pushbutton is on the left side of the panel and the body of the regular switch won't fit.  Try another puhbutton for simplicity of installation, or do the switch with extra work.


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