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Title: Ignition Switch replacement
Post by: Bobg on June 27, 2008, 09:02:21 AM
Hi All, I am the guy with the earlier post on engine instrument cluster problem.  I do believe the problem was in the ignition switch.  Before I replaced the switch, when I turned it on, and over to heat the glow plugs, the alarm noise would really deepen, indicating a major draw on the switch, I did notice the wire ends were darkened.  jWith the new switch, there is no different tone to the noise, the only indication I have that the glowplugs are on is the drop at the voltage meter. (my little light must be burned out)  and of course the motor starting.
 I noticed I do not have the glowplug solenoid uipgrade installed, will get right on it.  Sometimes a little trouble with the boat gets us to learn a lot, and with the help from this board, we can usually get it fixed.  By the way, the ignition switch was bought at a marine store for 17 bucks, I checked with auto stores and it was a real hassel, I must have looked at 20 switches trying to find one that worked.  Went to the local marine store and there was the direct replacement, so sometimes marine stores aren't as bad price wise as we think.  Thanks guys,   Bob

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Title: Re: Ignition Switch replacement
Post by: Ron Hill on June 27, 2008, 05:50:54 PM
Bob : I'll guess that your "alarm noise" was the NO OIL PRESSURE !!  :wink: