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Wine Glass rack

Salon Wine Glass Rack for the C-34

by Dan Harrington Weal Sea #1289

After breaking nearly a half a dozen wine glasses during "aggressive" tacks last summer, I finally came up with a solution on where to safely store those bulky fragile tumblers. Weal Sea is a late model 1994 C-34 with hull portlights similar to the Mk II. On these boats, there is an unused 2-foot space between the shelf behind the settee and the cabin roof on both sides of the salon where the hull portlights are installed. This is perfect spot of a wine glass storage rack. In deed, glasses hanging from a rack mounted here are out-of-the-way, do not impede light entry into the salon from the portlights, and still allow the shelf to be used other purposes.

The rack I made will hold 12 wine glasses with base diameters of up to 3 ¼". I used pre-sanded / finished, select grade oak strips which are available in the shelving section of Menardes and other Home Depot type stores. The strips come in varying widths and thickness in either 36" or 48" lengths. You'll need the following (all measurements in "finished" size) : one 1 ½" x ¾" x 36" strip (makes 3 brackets), one 3 ½" x 1/8" x 36" strip (makes 1 center rail), and one 3 ½" x 1/8" x 48" strip (makes 2 outer rails). A photo of the installed rack and drawings / plans for making it are show here. The completed rack was given 2 coats of clear varnish and mounted using stainless steel fasteners.

Note that the drawings / plans included here also show where wine glass retainer pegs and tabs can be installed. However, these are optional since we've have found them to be unnecessary. (Note, click on the thumbnail pictures to see them full size.)

WineGlassRack1.jpg WineGlassRack2.jpg WineGlassRack3.jpg

Suggestion - Drill all the fastener holes in the brackets first, then position the rails on the brackets and use the predrilled fastener holes in the brackets as a guide to drill the holes in the rails.