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Strut Mounting Bolts

Q: My prop strut is very slightly loose and I'm wondering about how it's mounted. I have #52, built in Oct. '85 and in looking into the hull, aft of the shaft log, and about where it's mounted all I see is a mound of fiberglass around where I think the bolts should be, assuming it's through-bolted. Last Sept, I had the chance to look at a slip-mates 34 (an '88 Model) and on his boat, the mounting bolts/nuts are visible such that it appears they could be tightened up should he need to do so (he even has them bonded).

My question is: How do I Tighten the Strut Bolts? what are the chances my mounting was simply covered over at the factory with fiberglass, and if I were to remove the fiberglass "mound," would I find bolts/nuts that I could then tighten up? Stated differently, are the bolts/nuts holding the strut visible from within the hull on your boat?

Bob Mack, Upon A Star #52

  • I had to change a bent strut..its a lot of work but retightning one shouldn't be as bad. You have to cut and grind away the fiberglass covering the bolts and nuts, you probably know that its not that easy to get to. There are 4 nuts with large washers under there and hopefully you have had some compression or erosion of the fiberglass from vibration and not a broken bolt...unlike mine, it won't get better with time. In any case you will have to dig into it. The bolt heads are seated in the strut so you won't have to worry about them turning as you tighten the nut. I would think that there might be some type of sealer that you could put under the washers to help keep water from seeping up around the threads and into the area that you will have to reseal...we both need some advice in that area because I'm still pondering that area. RonDeVou, C34 #315