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Serge & Carole Cardinal Momentum M 1719

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I thought that some of you might be interested in my "patented" system to prevent banging inside the mast when the main sail is removed.

I've tried a few things in the past but this system is by FAR SUPERIOR to most system, very easy to make, install and might cost you some $10 or so and reusable every year.

Last year I wrote about it but at the time didn't have pics. So now here they are.

I'm using insulation wrap for piping 1 3/4" (the grey stuff that has a precut slit lengthwise), 3 Lengths of 3 or 4 ft each and one little rope (50'), duck tape (optional but will probably make it last a lot longer) and some 15 min. to make it and at the same time...your installing it as you are make it.

Make a knot that you'll be attaching to the spinner. Hoist it some 2 ft. Puncture 2 sm holes per Length of foam near the ends. Put the rope through these 2 holes, (duck tape if you desire so....but don't forget to cut the tape in line with the foam's slit). Hoist about 10' of rope and install the second foam...and so on and so on until you've reach the top. Slack it by about a foot in order to make a knot and attach to the bottom hook. Take the tension back on the rope and "Voilà"'re done....silence!!!!

Hopefully my explanation will be understood....but don't be afraid to come back with your questions.

Good luck...and I've given away my patent's rights... so if you try it and love as much as me...pass it along to others

MomentumM - In Mast 1.jpg

MomentumM - In Mast 1.jpg

MomentumM - In Mast 1.jpg

MomentumM - In Mast 1.jpg

MomentumM - In Mast 1.jpg

Tony Wright Vagabond (follow-up comment)

I will defintely use this, but modify it to include the piece of lumber recommended by Charleston spar to protect the slot when the mast is lifted. Last year I used the halyard to hoist a (v-shaped cross-section) 2 ft length of cedar into position. That way the load imposed by the lifting strap on the mast by the spreaders is distributed over a wide area of the slot.

The trick of course is ensuring that whatever we hoist up there can easily come back down again!