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Ken Juul Luna Loca #1090

When the monochrome radar died I decided to upgrade to a color radar/chartplotter combination. The original radar was mounted at the Nav Station. I decided to mount the new chartplotter at the helm to make it more usable. I have a MK 1.5 with the narrow stern. I was concerned with upsetting the visual balance of the helm station by adding too much. I decided to leave the single bullet pods for the standard speed/depth/wind instruments and modified the pedistal guard to mount the chart plotter. Boat 008.jpg

I cut the the original hand hold and about 9" of vertical tube off. Plugged the ends with teak plugs. I added the angled tubes and welded the removed hand hold to the end of these tubes. The end result is a compact usable helm station that lost none of the features (table, hand hold, upper drink/junk holder) of the original set up. Boat 006.jpg

It was obvious from the size of the connectors and wiring that it would be difficult to run the wires through the pedistal guard. I ran the wires up the pedistal, (had to enlarge the hole in the mounting bracket to do this) and through a new opening just below the table height. They then run free to the back of the chartplotter.

Boat 010.jpg Boat 009.jpg

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