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Igloo 12V Refrigeration

by Ken Juul, Luna Loca #1090

I recently added an Igloo 12v cool box. Fits perfectly under the Nav station. Constructed a small shelf to level the sloping deck. A block attached to the shelf fits into the lower handle depression and a piece of wood attached to the rear and desk bottom prevent movement. I am currently plugging it into the cigarette lighter style receptacle at the desk. Will rewire to a switch at some point. Works great, only draw back is it draws 5 amps so it is only plugged in when on shore/engine power. Once cold, things stay cold so it is functional for day sails. For my needs, this $50 investment is just as functional as a real fridge costing much more. The latch was designed to hold a lid closed not a vertical door. Had a couple instances where soda and water bottles came tumbling out on a brisk port tack. I now insert a dowel vertically through the gray slide out handles as a safety to keep the contents in. Still have to be carefull opening the door.

Refrigerator1A.jpg Refrigerator1B.jpg