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Hatch Board Storage

Q: Where or how do we store the drop boards ? Our 1988 C34 has 2 boards and we have never found a really good solution to storing them when on board. At present, we put a board on either side of the upper steps, secured by wedging them with a piece of rubber hose. There has got to be a better way.

Dave, Nonsense #713

  • We store ours in the aft cabin, on the stbd side on the "shelf". I installed two eyes on the "floor" of the shelf, and a hook on the hull liner, with a piece of bungy cord between the eyes. The boards sit in the shelf on edge, and the bungy cord runs from one eye to the hook to the other eye, in a triangle, to hold the boards in place. The smaller board is closest to the hull, and the larger board has the latch mechanism facing into the cabin, with the bungy cord hooked just above it. Hope this all makes sense. It works well. Ralph Caruso, On y va #777, Chesapeake Bay/Magothy

  • I just recently found a good solution. I bought a teak towel rack and added one inch blocks to the ends to increase the depth. This was then placed on the wall separating the aft cabin and the stove. I found that if this was placed at a 45 degree angle the boards could easily be slipped in. Mike Vazmina, Second Wind #27, Tampa Bay

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