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Galley Sink Cover 2

Galley Sink Covers The C34 is very short on counter space in the galley. To compensate, I purchased a 12x32x1/2 piece of white polyboard (similar to what cutting boards are made of) for $20. I cut it to fit both sinks (two pieces). At the aft inboard corner of each piece (as looked at while standing at the sink) I cut a one inch hole as a finger hole in order to lift the boards up and out. It works great and adds plenty of counter space. In fact, we usually leave one cover in place all the time (Lou Berman, Second Wind, #1366, 1997).

Another Idea is to purchase 2 smaller wooden cutting boards, we purchased ours at Bed Bath and Beyond for I think $8 each. Using a sabre saw I made cut outs to fit around the fawcet. Ken Juul #1090 Luna Loca.