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Cabinet Fiddles

Adjustable Cabinet Fiddles

by Mark Elkin, Yorkshire Rose #133

I finally got tired of the mixed up mess I'd find in the cabinet inside the head after a day of sailing on the (not always so) Pacific. So I was going to make some fiddles to keep stuff in it's place. But I didn't like the idea of fixed fiddles. While browsing at a Boat/US store, I saw some teak grating pieces but realized these would solve my adjustable fiddles problem.

The 1/2" x 1/2" notched pieces will interlock. After measuring and cutting pieces to the approximate size for their location, I glued each 1/2" x 1" flat piece edge-to-edge with the appropirate notched piece to give some "height" to the fiddles when completed. Then it was just a simple matter to install in the cabinet and adjust once the "stuff" was loaded back in.

While I specifically was looking to solve the "won't stay in place" issue in the head cabinet, this same technique is easily used anywhere you may want adjustable fiddles.