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Welcome to the Catalina 34 International Association, an independent organization of over 800 C34 owners. If you already own a C34, join our international fleet to learn from others in real time and also take advantage of hundreds of articles on maintenance and upgrades. Find out more info on joining here. If you're interested in acquiring a C34, this is the place to learn about them. Feel free to browse our information and even ask questions on our Forums.

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is a fully searchable wiki of articles and advice compiled over the life of the C34 model by dozens of owners. You can browse the 300-plus articles through the lens of 27 subject categories. You can even comment on the articles and contribute your experiences. Click on any topic below to begin exploring.

Anchoring & Docking Cockpit Dinghies and Tenders
Electrical Electronics Engine
Fuel Galley Head
Hull Interior Leaks
Maintenance Miscellaneous Paints & Finishes
Performance and Motoring Plumbing Hatches & Ports
Prop-shaft Refrigeration Rigging and Sails
Rudder & Steering Safety Storage
Stuffing box Ventilation Woodwork-teak

Lucky Dog on a beat

Worth a 1000 Words

Share your C34 shots under sail, on the hook, or at the dock. Yours could make it to the homepage! View photos here. Here's where C34IA members can upload their pictures.

Learn and Share at the C34 Forum

The Catalina 34 Forum is the place where hundreds of C34 sailors connect with one another. Believe it or not, there are over 2,500 easily-searchable message threads that probably already contain an answer to any question you might have. But everybody is always anxious to see the next thread, so don’t hesitate to start one or build on one that you unearth from a search.


C34 production on hold. No official cancellation of the model (yet). See the model's timeline here.

New C34IA officers elected. Plans to continue improving the web community. Click here to see the crew.

Favorite Projects


Building a New Electrical Control Panel by C34 Tech Ed, Mike Vaccaro
If you have a significant "rats nest" in your junction box, a well organized breadboard may clean things up.

Access panel open.jpg

Back of the Sink Quick Access by C34 Tech Ed, Lance Jones
Want to change the faucet or upgrade the plumbing but can't contort yourself into the space without removing the sink? Here's the answer.