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Water Pump Replacement for Universal M35B Diesel...Sherwood to Oberdorfer

Recently replaced my water pump, but rather than replace it with another Sherwood (had done this once already, 300 hrs ago) was able to replace it easily with an Oberdorfer, model N202M-8377. Reviewing the Cat 34 forum and reading the article from the Cat 36 forum, I was a bit intimidated by the cone point set screw requirement, tapping and drilling, so decided to just replace with another Sherwood. Pleasant surprise at the local parts supplier (Outboard Motor Shop in Oakland, CA) when I was advised that there is now an Oberdorfer designed as a direct replacement. The pump fits right in place, no mods and a little extra room for a wrench to mount it to the engine block. Depending on the size of hoses and type of fitting, mine were 7/8" 90* elbows, the fitting may need to be trimmed. Five minutes with a hacksaw and I had the clearance. Some plumber's tape, a few good clamps and I was back in business. Toughest part of the job was removing the old pump (some corrosion and poor access.) Also removed my heat exchanger and had it cleaned and had a 1000 hr diesel tune up, and the engine runs cooler and smoother.