Rode Reel

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by Craig Illman, Espresso #1150

In the British Columbia Gulf Islands and points north in the Inside Passage, the parks department of B.C. has placed shore rings in the rock to allow easy stern ties and accomodate more yachts. It can be pretty awkward to pay out that spare rode quickly before the boat drifts uncomfortably close to your neighbor. Many folks have fashioned creative reels from garden hose spools or something similar. I found this stainless reel online for a nominal price:

The pictures show 200 feet of 1/2" nylon, I'm planning on going with 300 feet of 3/8" Samson float line for next summer's cruising season. I used to have a hard case for my Lifesling in that position, but the Nov '08 Mainsheet showed the new Inflatable LifeSling mounted inside the pushpit and duplicating that installation opened up the space for the new stainless reel.

Rodereel1.jpg Rodereel2.jpg Rodereel3.jpg