Pushpit Seats

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Ed Reimbold, TROIKA C30 (1980) #1914


I installed my new stern rail with integral seats last week; it took a half-day to do it and was fairly easy. All the nuts, bolts & washers were included. It was $714 for the two stern rails without the ladder. I worked with Greg at Catalina on a seat design that included a drink holder. I think the rail & seats are great and Sat. we sailed with them for the first time they were a hit!

You can sit facing forward or aft, I can seer with my foot while sitting in them and with no center bar it is much easier to use the swim ladder. It also comes wired for the stern light and has a built in flag holder.

The holes for the two posts on the stern lined up perfectly they are screwed into a brass plate that is glassed in at the factory and threaded, the round bases on the sides were about 2" further back Guido at Garhauer is sending me a couple of their pad eyes with the round bases to cover the spot left by the old rail He is going to put bigger eyes on them so I can use them for attachment points for my safety harness tethers (Isn't Garhauer GRRRREAT!).There is an additional post under the seat I just threaded the fiberglass and used 5200 to seal those legs and screws figuring I would put some washers and nuts on them at a later date when I found a 7/16" deep well socket and a 12" extension. (Actually the proper way would have been to Marine-Tex a piece of brass up their and drill & tap it after it cured)