Mk 1.5 Cockpit Shower

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After using the cockpit shower on our recent BVI charter, we just had to have one. First decision was cold water or hot and cold. Crew vote was unanimous, hot and cold. After gathering up all the pieces, installation was very straight forward. This installation is on the Mk 1.5 with the walk thru transom and split stern lazarette, Mk II will probably be similiar ( if not all ready installed), Mk1 also similiar, but without the stern step would guess the shower would be on the cockpit side. To avoid fouling the water lines by all the things stored in the black hole (stbd lazarette) the only safe place to install was in the walk thru wall of the port lazarette. Installed Shower.jpg Inside Shower box.jpg
First step was to make a template and cut the hole, I cut inside the line then used a rotary file to enlarge the cutout for a snug fit. There is just enought clearance next to the propane locker to fit.
Port Lazarette.jpg
In the picture you will notice the home made propane locker to accomodate a #10 propane tank. Instructions for it are located in the Galley section of the wiki. You can also notice the upper tabs for the wooden partition I added to ensure the shower hoses didn't foul the rudder head/steering and the contents of the stbd lazarette didn't get tangled up with the shower hoses.
Note the seperating steering cable, it is safe, can't unwind past the "u" clamps on the rudder quadrant. The partition was step 2. Step 3 is to remove the aft cabin rear wall. This gave enough access to route the water lines forward over the fuel tank to the head sink and aft under the engine panel around the water tank to the the new cutout.
Fuel Tank.jpg
Step 4 is to attach the water lines to the shower and dry fit the shower in place. It took some additional grinding and adjustment of the hose clamps to get the shower box with lines installed into the cut out. I left it assembled in the walk thru after I knew it would fit to help with the leak check.
Step 5 is to cut the water supply lines to the head sink and "tee" in the lines to the shower. Notice the black sharpie on the lower line. I marked both ends of the hot water line with the sharpie to help with hook up.
Under Sink.jpg
Step 6, turn the water pump on and check for leaks (after purging any air). Last step is to add some sealant to the lip and install the shower into the hull. The last picture also shows that I have a hump hose/muffler project to do over the winter.

Materials: Shower box. Available at most marine or RV stores, may need to special order. 25' of water line, 30' would be better, would allow routing outside rather than over the fuel tank. There is clearance between the aft cabin port wall and the fuel tank to run the line inside rather than over. My Autopilot controler is mounted to this bulkhead, did not want to mix water and electrical lines. 2 tees and a handful of hose clamps.