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1985 price list... ah, the good old days

The original C34 was introduced in 1986 (first hulls produced in 1985). Designed by Gerry Douglas it quickly gained popularity as a fast, stiff, and sturdily built cruising yacht. It is a great light-air performer with commodious accommodations. The C-34 has evolved since 1986, always having the choices of the tall (approximately 52-foot) or the standard (approximately 50-foot) mast, and later in-mast furling. Additionally, the 1st year (1986) had an OPTION of a keel or deck-stepped mast (see 1986 price list), then later production switched to deck-stepped. It also offered a choice of a wing keel (4-foot 3-inch draft) or fin keel (5 foot 7-inch draft.)

The Catalina 34 launched with a Universal M-25 (21HP) diesel engine, evolved to an M-25XP (23HP), an M-35 (30 hp) option in 1990-1994, to the M-35XP, and finally an M-35B(C) engine (35hp) in the mkII ("(C)" being the designation for "Catalina" wiring standard.)

The Catalina 34 had 4 hull designs, the easiest way to identify them being three different transoms and the broader stern of the mkII.

Catalina 34mkI

1986-1989 Enclosed stern.

Catalina 34mkI-1/4

Sugar scoop.jpg
In 1989, a "sugar scoop was added to the Mk 1 transom for use as a swim/boarding platform. We've "tagged" it as the Mark 1 and 1/4!!!

Catalina 34mkI-1/2

In 1990 the cockpit floor was extended through the transom. The interiors began to transition to the Mark II in the saloon.
Mk1.5 (Small) (Small).jpg
The "Walk Thru" transom on the Mk 1 hull has been coined the Mk 1.5.

Catalina 34mkII

In 1994 the transition began to a wider stern shape. The official roll out of the Catalina 34mkII was at the 1995 Atlantic City Sail Expo Boat Show, Hull #1295
Hulls produced in the 1995-1997 transition years with the wider profiles are considered Mk II's.

Items of Interest

Original C34 Review, 1985 (published with permission by Sailing Magazine) - click to enlarge

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  • Price and options sheet spring of 1995 C34 Options 95.jpg
  • Price and options sheet spring of 2003 C34 options 03.jpg