KWKloeber test

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text entered is: (NOTE, Omit space between the brackets)
[ [My Page] ]
The result is:
My Page
(hotlink to the your page)

text entered is:
[ [My Page] ]: My Description
The result is:
My Page: My Description
(the same hotlink, but w/ a description added)

text entered is:
"[ [My Page|Alias name] ]:" (using a vertical bar)
The result is:
Alias name
(Again the same link to Your Page, but it displays an alias name)
This would be useful if, in a write up, you want to say "See my other article HERE", where HERE is a hotlink without displaying the entire page name.
Of course there's nothing preventing saying "See my other article here: 1987 MK 1 Catalina 34 Electrical System Upgrade"

"Your Article, Your Choice"

You can add a page link by either:
1) Pasting the example texts above (remember, no spaces between brackets)
2) clicking the "chain" (link) icon on the menu bar, which opens a box to enter a page name, and add a description. It doesn't allow you to use an alias, you need to enter that coding yourself.