Easy Microwave Installation

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Bryan Pfaffenberger

I don't like cutting into anything. A few owners of earlier C34s have installed microwaves under the sink, but I just don't have the heart to take a jigsaw to the teak. This installation is low-impact.

Sears makes some very small 110v microwaves that fit under the nav table. Purchase the cabinet-hanging kit, which enables you to suspend the unit from the bottom of the nav table. You'll need to move the nav table support back to make room for the microwave. The down side of this modification is that you can't put your legs under the nav table when you're sitting on the port settee -- but then again, I've already got some much junk under there (charger, etc) that this was a dicey proposition anyway. Purchase a couple of rubber crutch tips, and size a 3/4" dowel to provide support. It's really nice to have the microwave for cooking at the dock