Cockpit table storage

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Lou Berman, Second Wind #1366 (1997)

I purchased a white poly fold down table for the cockpit. I also purchased two side extender boards which are removable. The problem was where to store the extenders when not in use. The Mk II came from the factory with a clever way to store the companionway boards. It is made up of a heavy duty white plastic U shaped holder attached alongside the bottom of the upper ladder. Then on the wall, about two feet up, there is a bracket. Each end of the bracket is attched to the wall (spaced so that the companionway boards will fit between). The bracket ends are connected with a double bungee cord. Pull the bungee out from the way and slip the boards in place. In order to store my cocpit table extenders I had my dealer order and install a second companyionway board holder on the opposite side of the ladder. With a slight width adjustment between the upper bracket ends, it makes a perfect spot to store the extender boards. We also store the sink covers there, and a cutting board. The bracket with installation cost me $100. I'm sure it could be done for a lot less if you do it yourself.