Catalina 34 History

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Catalina 34

The Catalina 34, first produced in the 1986 model year (with the first hulls constructed in 1985), has been in near-continuous production for more than two decades.

A Catalina 34 Timeline

The C-34 has evolved since 1986 always having the choices of the tall (approximately 52 feet) or the standard (approximately 50 feet) mast and the wing (4 feet 3 inch) or fin (5 feet 7 inch) keel. Check out the original order form and price list. I bought my Catalina 34 because I became convinced that the evolution has not been change for change sake, it has been in response to recommendations from C-34 owners. It continues in small ways from year to year. Dave Smith.


The early 1985 and 1986 hulls have a deck stepped mast with a Universal 25 (21HP) diesel engine. Read the review of the original C34, courtesy of Sail Magazine.