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====Formatting help====
====Formatting help====

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The Catalina 34 is great boat not only to sail but to own. Here's how it has evolved over the years through several models.


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  • Engine to Propeller
  •    Engine, Transmission, Stuffing Box, Shaft & Prop
  • Rigging
  •    Sails, Spars, Standing & Running Rigging
  • Hull & Rudder
  •    Rudder Post, Helm, Keel Bolts, Updates

  • Electrical
  •    Wiring, Batteries, Chargers, Shore Power, Generators
  • Electronics
  •    GPS, Chartplotters, Instruments, Autopilots

  • On Deck
  •    Cockpit Tables, Swim Ladder, Dodger & Bimini
  • Cabin
  •    Storage, Ventilation, Woodwork, Cushions, Lighting
  • Galley
  •    Fridge, Stove, Sink and activities in the Galley
  • Head
  •    Head, Shower, Holding Tank, Related Systems
  • Plumbing
  •    Hot Water, Water Tanks, Hoses, Thru hulls
  • Port Lights & Hatches
  •    Replacing & Repairing

  • Maintenance
  •    Leaks, Paints & Finishes, Cleaning, Teak

  • Anchoring & Docking
  •    Gear & Techniques
  • Sailing & Motoring
  •    Operation, c34 Specs/Performance
  • Dinghy
  •    Stowing, Towing & Operating

  • Safety
  •    PDF, Harness, Jack Lines
  • Misc
  •    One of Kind Items