Cabin stairs refinish

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By Patrice from Free Spirit

After looking at the stairs being always dirty with dust and sand everytime I had to go up and down.

I wanted to fill the grooves to make the stairs look nicer/cleaner.

As a great source of info, did a search here, and found what "Kindered Spirit" did. And was what I had envisioned.

So I took the stairs back home, and gave them a good sanding and cleaning.

Protected them with some Teak Oil.


Then, I covered the full step with painter's tape.


Using an exacto, I cut each grooves in the tape.


To fill the grooves, I used Silicone for Kitchen and Bathroom that can be found at your prefered Home Center.

Using the Kitchen Bathroom type should not give issue with humide environment of the boat.

When applying the caulking, go slowly and be sure to fill the groove all the way to the bottom.

Once you are done with filling all the grooves, use a plastic, or other, to clean the exeeding caulking and make it flat.

I used the beige color one, it look good with cabin sole also.


Then remove the tape from the step.

I did one step at the time.


Enjoy a little your work then bring back to boat.

And the silicone does not make the stairs slippery at all.

And they do look clean all the time.