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Mary Gee 1988 hull #615 Please use this area to discuss non technical things about C34 ownership and use. A few are started, feel free to add more!

  • Anyone may read the topics. If you wish to add content to the wiki you must log in. Use the same user name and password that you use to access the forum.

Cruise Stories

Favorite Anchorages

Weekend Trips

Longer Voyages

Been there, but don't ever want to do it again

Helpful Hints

Gas Grills, etc

Favorite Boat Recipes

Favorite Boat Drinks

Sailing with children

Sailing with pets

Women to Woman


Data Base

The Data Base is a listing of boat names and owners listed by Hull Identification Number (HIN).
Please check your information! Select the correct year, then find your HIN.
To add or correct information you must be logged in. At the top right corner of the page, Login with your Forum username and password.
It will accept your Login and give you a link back to that Database Year, Select it.
At the top center of the page there is a "tab" that allows you to edit the page. Select it and then make your changes or additions.
To add a HIN place the cursor on the HIN below yours and hit enter to add a line. Follow the format when inputing your information.
Before saving you can "Preview" any changes. When satisfied, select Save at the bottom of the page.

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Owner's Registry

Click Here
Here is a neat way to find other C34s in your local area or places you may travel.
Add your boat to the Google Map! Update or Add your information Today!

Boat Swapping

Some C34 owners might be interested in swapping with other owners for a week or so - say between coasts/region - even between countries. Does not have to be limited to boats, do you have a vacation house you would like to share or swap? If this interests you, you can contact each other in this section