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First NameLast NameHull NumberBoat NameModel YearStateRigKeel
John and Tina Manton 34 Serenity 1986 Ga Tall Fin
Randy Ortega 1532 Yat 2001 La Standard Wing
Ron De Groot 1726 Mundora 2005 Queensland Australia Standard Wing
Brian McPhillips 584 Analgesic 1988 MA Standard Wing
Jeremy Lewis CTYP0711B888 Jeremy Lewis 1988 OH Standard Wing
Susan Macdonald 1541 SUJIMO 2001 New Jersey Standard Wing
Bill Shreeves 333 Beginnings 1987 NJ Standard Fin
Lance & Kitty Jones 622 Kitty's Cat 1988 Florida Standard Wing
Jack & Ruth Hutteball 1555 Mariah lll 2001 Washington Tall Fin
Marshall Tonner 899 Cormarant II 1989 Ontario Standard Wing

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