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First NameLast NameHull NumberBoat NameModel YearStateRigKeel
James Mosher 788 Valinor II 1988 Maryland Tall Wing
Cliff Fischer 1658 Moana 2004 CA Standard Fin
Bill Beveridge 1211 Wobegon II 1992 Maryland Tall Wing
Eric Wengstrom 564 "Ohana" 1988 Virginia Standard Wing
Hans Toorens 1262 Langweer III 1994 WA Standard Wing
Edmund Yates 235 Beausoleil 1986 NJ Tall Fin
Derek Benda 1633 Liberty Call 2003 Florida Standard Wing
Herb Marizy 1356 Das Boot 1997 PA Tall Wing
Albert Keich 259 Nathaniel Edwin 1987 MA Tall Fin
Glenn Davis 1053 Knot Yet 1990 1.5 maryland Tall Wing

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