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First NameLast NameHull NumberBoat NameModel YearStateRigKeel
Tom Joyce ME Tall Fin
Jerry Holway 1305 Reflections 1996 NY Tall Wing
Paul Nowlan 1625 Canty 2002 BC Standard Fin
Kirk Jockell 1173 JoyRide 1991 GA Standard Fin
Harry Dickerson 1696 Ocean Fox 2005 NC Standard Wing
David DeVries 926 Celerity 1989 NJ Tall Wing
Bryan Aldrich 979 Argonauta 1989 North Carolina Tall Wing
Ed Kutney 42 Grace 1986 MD Standard Fin
Paul Spark CTPO914K889 Windswept 1989 PA Tall Wing
Rick Colten 260 Someday 1987 Ma Standard Fin

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