Water heater replacement on a mark II

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I may need to replace the water heater on a 34 mark II. What's the best way to remove it from its location under the seat? Do you have to pull the two 4D batteries? it looks like a real PITA job

Stu Jackson

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Jack Hutteball

Yes, you need to disconnect everything, remove the batteries and boxes.  Getting at the hose connections in the back of the tank is a real bear.  Once disconnected you need to rotate it 90 degrees and lift if out of there.  Replacing it, I recommend you install stub hoses on the back of the tank that extend thru the sink bulkhead so you can reconnect the hot water hoses from the engine easier under the sink cabinet.  Almost impossible to get a tight connection to the tank if you don't.  Been there done that... lots of fun!

Jack and Ruth Hutteball
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Jim Hardesty

I also had to remove my batteries.  Wasn't a tough job but I wouldn't call it an easy job.  If you need to winterize now would be a good time to add a hot water heater by-pass.  Makes winterizing easier.

Jim Hardesty
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