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Author Topic: New Mast Revisited  (Read 266 times)

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New Mast Revisited
« on: March 27, 2018, 09:34:21 AM »

Hi all, This is a followup on the mast issue we had at haul out last year.  One owner asked about the why and what happened.  We usually haul with a group and a hired crane and have an excellent record, and still do.  With the crane operation that is.   My issue was in hauling the mast down the road to the storage lot.   We have been using a 2 wheel cart under the CG at the spreaders with a towing yoke strapped the mast butt which attached to a vehicle's hitch.  I hit a bump on a turn and the mast came off the hitch after which it was run over by a tire.   The result was a total loss of the mast which has now been replaced and is ready for launch.   Our insurance, Chubb, covered the cost with no issues.  We were fortunate that Catalina still had one extrusion on the rack which was a perfect match.   Lessons were learned and this new mast will never be hauled in that fashion again. 

Dietrich Floeter
Traverse City MI
1996 Catalina 34 TR WK #1317
Universal M35A
Rocna 15
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