Wanted MK 1 Stern Perch Seats

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Does anyone have stern rail perch seats they don't use and are interested in selling for a 1991 Mk 1 with a walk through transom?  I didn't want to pay $310 for the new Zarcor seats and am considering building them myself but thought this was worth a try to ask.
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OP obviously has 1st dibs but I'd be interested in these as well - even a tip if anyone knows another manufacturer!
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I've been eyeing them myself... but with the split backstay I have, I can't decide if there'd be enough room to sit comfortably?
Mike Brown
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I have a new set of SternPerch for a 1988 C34 TR WK I purchased this past Christmas.  My crew prefers I not install them because we have a 2 year-old who climbs on everything.  They have never been installed, all new with hardware, cup holders, and 'sand' color cushions.  I'm willing to sell for a reasonable offer.  They require a mid-rail on the stern pulpit, available from mfgr.