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what size sheet line for head sail?Mine slipps out of winch,could it be streched


forgot it is half in


Last spring I ordered 80' of 7/16 for a 110% jib.    This is the OEM spec, some people like to step up one size to help it grip in the self tailing jaws better.   Personally I haven't had any issues with the 7/16".

Braxton Allport
1988 #805, Ballou - Tacoma WA


thanks Braxton,when mine is wet it stays winch much better,I'll try 7/16
lucky 1986

Ron Hill

Lucky : The sheet lines that you now have is probably 7/16".  Don't make the mistake buying more of the same!!

Believe me - you will be happier with 1/2" head sail sheet lines!!

A thought
Ron, Apache #788


Thanks Ron I went to the boat and measured old line,your right 7\16 .Will get 1/2.Thanks again to everyone
Al Landry
Lucky hull 13
Lake Texoma,Tx

Mas Tequila

We went with 100 feet of 1/2 inch and it works great with our Lewmar winches. We prefer a single line using a cow hitch instead of 2 lines using bowlines because it doesn't tend to hang up when tacking. 
Positive Latitude
1986 MKI hull # 11
Frankfort, MI