ST4000+ Autopilot Won’t Work

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George Bean

My ST4000+ control head will no longer switch to Auto mode.  When I press the "Auto" key, the screen will momentarily display "4000 WHL" at the top then switches back to standby mode.  In standby mode it doesn't display rudder direction indicator at the bottom of the screen either. It does show the same heading as the chart plotter.  I have the fast heading sensor and rudder reference unit installed.  Worked perfectly for years.  It passed the functional, operating sense and Seatalk interface tests.  It does the same "4000 WHL" display error when I do the wind transducer interface test.  I also cannot find the Dockside Rudder Calibration Screen in the set-up menu.  How do I fix this?

I've been reading up on other ST4000+ failures and I'm not very hopeful.  If I must replace with the EV-100, does this mean I have to replace the fluxgate compass and fast heading sensor too? 
George Bean
s/v Freya  1476

Dave Spencer

Hi George,
I got many years of great service from my ST4000 before it packed it in.  I'm not sure I'm too hopeful about your situation but I have a 34 page ST4000 service manual that I would be glad to send to you. It might help.  I'll also see if I can get it posted in the manuals section of the tech wiki.
Please PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you straight away.

Dave Spencer
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Mick Laver

In March 2013 my ST4000+ had a SeaTalk failure. Raymarine repaired the unit for a flat rate of $275, and it's been a rock ever since. That's certainly cheaper than buying a new EV-100.
Mick and Sherrie Laver
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Craig Illman

You could try contacting Dan Gerhardt He repaired mine and answered any questions before I sent it to him.


Jim Brener

Try>  for repair and Rick at  Rick is making "old" new parts for Autohelms with 3D printing.  I purchased the foot petal for my 3000 Dan sent me a rebuilt wind vane/wind speed
Jim Brener
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