Wanted: 89 Catalina 34 wing keel

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I'm looking for an 89'ish Catalina 34 wing keel that's been neglected up on the hard for awhile or in project status.  If anyone happens to know of one tucked away at a boat yard i'd appreciate it if you could pass the word along.  i'm in central nj, but willing to go somewhat into the adjacent states.

1989 Cat34 #856, original m-25xp


I have seen one at Morgan marina NJ - exactly fitting your description and not too long ago - broker was very open to receive any offer.
I do not see it listed anymore but, call the marina, ask for Pete he will know if boat is still for sale.
It was MK1 standard rig WK, there was substantial damage from leaks (deck hardware),  no head sail, main in very bad shape, running engine, upgraded propeller and elliptical rudder ,no or basic instruments etc ...
On hard for several years.
She was waaay too much of the project for me this time around.
Good luck!
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Upper Chesapeake


Thanks, i've actually looked at the ones at morgan marina.  there are in fact two up for sale.  one is an 89 that's been sitting for 3yrs, fair condition, but definitely needs updating/work/repair.  the seller's expectation on price and what mine/survey say, unfortunately, are two different things.  the other was an 87 (i think), which was in much worse condition.  i'm going to take a second look at it tomorrow as a possible plan b and to see if my initial impression really was that bad on the second one.

i'm not afraid of doing a substantial overhaul, but delam repairs i'm not interested in...
1989 Cat34 #856, original m-25xp


I have a 1988 C34 project near Chesapeake City, MD.  I am currently debating whether or not I have the time to complete the restoration. The next question is, of course, when I finish it, will my family and I have any time to enjoy it anyway... She's a good old boat with good bones. Just needs someone to care for her. Any interest? Steve
Steve Eckfield