M-35 B water pump

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Kent & Jane Overbeck

I have replaced the water pump on my M35 B with an Oberdorfer for ease of impeller change.  There was no problem with the Sherwood when I did this.  Included are 2 impeller kits and a quick disconnect assembly for the hose to make belt changes easier.
All for $275 plus freight.
contact Kent at kjoverbeck@epbfi.comhttp://c34.org/bbs/Smileys/default/icon_clap.gif

Mick Laver

Kent - why don't you keep the Sherwood as a backup? I know the Oberdorfers are much easier to service, but I still think it's easier to swap the whole pump if something goes wrong at the Worst Possible Time than it is to pull them apart.
Mick and Sherrie Laver
1999 C34 Mk II #1432
San Diego, CA