Westerbeke SB 235; Raw water pump drive on m35B,BC

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A friend with a 1999 C34 just swapped out yet another junk Sherwwod pump. He found that one of end tangs of the cam was cracked. The bushing is in place as per the SB. I wonder if this is an isolated problem. Local dealer is quoting pulling the engine and sending it to Hansen for repair.....crazy $. Has anyone done this repair? I know the timing cover has to come off. Universal wants something like $1200 for the cam, I assume the Kubota part is the same and much cheaper. What is the Kubota model # for a M35B?. Thanks.
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Ken Juul

from the tech wiki:
Universal M-25 is a Kubota Block D-850
Universal M-25XP is Block D-950
Universal M-30 is a Block D-1101&D1102
Universal M4-30 is a Block Y-850
Universal M-35 is a Block V-1200
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Thanks Ken! Should of known it would be in the wiki.
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Ron Hill

Payton : To answer te first part of your question. 
That engine that had the sleeve (bushing) in place may already have had a crack in the in one of the end tangs - which is why the SB came out.

A thought
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Jim Hardesty

Has anyone tried to retrofit to a belt driven raw pump? 
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Stu Jackson

I haven't heard of that, Jim, but I've heard of some who have gone to external electrical driven ones.
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