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Author Topic: Garhauer KUDOS  (Read 1130 times)

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Garhauer KUDOS
« on: May 09, 2016, 04:47:04 PM »

So I needed (2) 3 over 3 and (2) 2 over 2 size 40 deck organizers for a refit and called in @ 10:00 PST. 

Naturally with my luck, at 12 PST, Kelly called to confirm that none, NONE! of that was in stock.  Arrrrgh!  What to do now?  I'm DEAD!
But Dawn had already started building what I needed - so Kelly expected they could overnight it on Wednesday.  Great! <whew>  Wow saved my butt.

And then Kelly called @ 3:30 PST to say, 'We're all done and can get them out today, no need to overnight it.")   Like now.  TODAY.

Who else provides that kind of customer service ????????  Without even having to ask for it!!!

Kudos Garhauer.  Kudos.   :clap :clap :clap :clap
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Mike and Joanne Stimmler

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Re: Garhauer KUDOS
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2016, 07:09:39 PM »

I have always had excellent service from Garhauer and they are very knowledgeable of Catalina Yachts.
Mike and Joanne Stimmler
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Lance Jones

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Re: Garhauer KUDOS
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2016, 08:32:20 AM »

They are, in my experience, one of the most responsive of all the marine hardware suppliers.
Lance Jones
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Mick Laver

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Re: Garhauer KUDOS
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2016, 04:53:48 PM »

Everyone seems to have a Garhauer story. If they don't, they will if they keep their boat long enough.  :D Here's mine - pardon the length:

Last year a friend offered to sell me his old motor lifting davit for $120. He'd installed a dinghy davit so the motor davit was now superfluous. However, his davit had the 26" arm and I wanted the 34". I figured if I could buy the 34" from Garhauer for a reasonable amount I'd still be ahead, so I called Mark at Garhauer and asked if I could just buy the 34" arm. No problem, about 80 bucks. I wanted the capability of attaching a snatch block on the lower part of the davit's mast so I could lead the lifting line to my primary winch if necessary, so could Mark weld a padeye on the lower part of the mast? Again, no problem. Also, I want to be able to use two of the ring supports on my pushpit rails, but 1) the standard supports don't stand off the rail far enough and 2) my rails are offset by about 1/2" so if I get two supports the same size I wouldn't be able to make the davit's mast vertical. Can Mark modify my two supports so one stands off about 2" and the other 2.5"? No problem. I didn't even ask about the cost of the extra work, figuring I was going to get what I really needed and it would still be considerably less than new. I bought the old davit from my friend and told Mark I'd be up to see him (Garhauer's shop is about 90 minutes north of us.)

So I bring my "new" davit over to my boat and set it on the dock to itemize the pieces. I turned around for a second and then heard a gentle "spash" behind me. The bottom part of the mast had rolled off the dock. Crud. (That wasn't the actual word.) I asked my diver if he'd take a look next time he came to clean the boat, since there was virtually no chance of me free diving 15ft. A couple of weeks later my diver tells me no joy - 0 visibility on the bottom and he looked a long time. Maybe if I put a string with a weight on it where I think it fell off he could follow it down next time he comes to my boat. Fine. So about 3 months after the piece had gone in my diver manages to rescue it, but it's heavily pitted where it had embedded itself in the mud. Crud again. Gonna have to buy a new one of those too; Mark says about $40, so I'm still ahead. I think.

I drive all the pieces up to Garhauer and show Mark the pitted lower part of the mast, along with the support rings I need modified and the 26" arm I need swapped out. Mark looks at the pitted mast and says "Hmm. It shouldn't have done that."  It was my fault and was fully prepared to buy a new piece, so I tell Mark to replace it. And since the new davits use thicker walled tubing I'll have to replace the upper part of the mast as well otherwise the two parts won't sleeve together. And since the internal diameter of the pipe is smaller I'll need a new mounting plate and backing plate as well. Mark says "Instead of welding an eye on the mast why don't we just make you a clamp with a loop on it so you can put your padeye any place you like?" Fine.

A week later I get my davit shipped back. New 34" boom, new upper and lower mast pieces, new custom clamp with padeye attached, new support rings modified to stand off 2" and 2.5", new base, foot, and backing plate, and the invoice - 80 bucks. The only thing original on the davit was the line (the block had already been replaced.)

Of course YMMV, but I don't think this is usual for Garhauer in any way. They truly stand by their products and the customer support is unparalleled. Great company.
Mick and Sherrie Laver
1999 C34 Mk II #1432
San Diego, CA
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