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Author Topic: Steam in exhaust M35B  (Read 8814 times)

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Re: Steam in exhaust M35B
« Reply #45 on: September 02, 2020, 10:04:48 AM »

The point is not the color Stu. If you donít care that equipment corrodes in salt air then why coat anything to protect/extend its life? Winches arenít forever itemsso why not unanodized alum, blocks arenít necessarily forever items so why stainless, seawater pumps arenít forever items so they donít need to be bronze.

SK would be far ahead if they used metal PRIMER on them than covering the un-prepped metal with a ďshellĒ of spray paint that doesnít adhere to the metal. Ferchrissake they donít even give the case a light sanding for the paint to bite into.
Iíll prefer my add-on equipment properly painted no matter itís install location. Out of sight is not out of mind (my mind maybe, if not the same for others who donít care.). In fact the more unseen the location, the more I want it properly protected.  MBMC!  Any my customers, my choice whether I sell them an inferior product.
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