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After two years of absolutely no buyer interest while trying to sell my boat, I decided to get new sails. Of course someone came along and bought the boat after the sails were in production. The sails arrived at my place after the buyers had taken the boat to it's new home. Unfortunately they did not want to buy them right now (even though the 2005 factory sails are IMHO pretty tired despite lots of TLC, annual professional maintenance, etc.).

So...I have a BRAND NEW main and 135 Genoa for a 2005-2006 C-34 Mk II with wing keel, in-mast furling main and roller-furling jib. These are made by North, and are the NorDac Radian type with white sunbrella UV covers. The genoa has a rope luff pad. Both are still in the original, never opened shipping boxes from the loft. The only minor issue is the main has my old sail number. This should be easy to remove/replace at your local loft as desired. The main has the C-34 logo.

I am asking the price I paid (which was 25% less than full retail   :thumb:). The sails are currently in Maryland. As an added incentive I will pay for shipping to your address. If you are seriously interested, please let me know and I will send you the pricing information. You may reply via this listing, email, or phone. OR 301-916-5123

Jeff McKinney
former owner of C-34 #1734 (Event Horizon)