Lot's of stuff - need to make room in the storage trailer

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Std rig measurements, 87 vintage.

3 sets, 1 Dacron and  2 UK Tape Drive.  I can get hard dates, but the tape drives are 2002 and 2006, Dacron 1999?  All good condition for cruising.  The Tape Drives could be "club racing".  I tend to replace every 5 years.  Carbon Fiber Asym "sprit" (goes in bow roller and extends 12" in front of bow to extend tack".  Clutches, double and a single Lewmar.  Random blocks.  LED cabin lights (red and white, t-wedge and twist).  Old halyards.

The sails I would like $250 for the Dacron set, $500 for the Tape Drives.  All are 155% Genoas.  The Dacron main is full batten.  Delivery within 2hrs of Detroit can be included, or I have family in Chicago, so if you are along I-94 or close, we could work something out.  The rest I can ship.  Send me questions and I can send you answers/pictures.  Joel

Rick Johnson

I would be interested in the Dacron set.  I have a 1990 std rig with an original main and a poorly fitting replacement genoa.  Any idea what the shipping would be to Austin TX?  Who made the Dacon set?  Might also be interested in the bowsprit. Pictures?


Rick Johnson, #1110, 1990, s/v Godspeed, Lake Travis, TX


Sorry for the delay, looks like my SPAM filter was working overtime blocking updates/message notifications.  Please e-mail me @ kar.joel@gmail.com if you don't hear from me.  I will now try to answer what I have been messaged.

Clutches, the double remains.  Here are some pictures attached, hopefully. $50 with shipping?

North made the Dacron sails, I will double check shipping, but it will probably be expensive.  I will also get some pictures.

UK made the Tape Drives.  I will try and pull them out and take some pictures this weekend and post.  Thanks, Joel


Sent you a couple of emails on the sails, haven't heard back.  Not sure if you received them.  Just sent another one today 6/4.