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Hi Members and Friends of Fleet 14,

When we officially were designated Fleet 14, the C34IA asked what we would like the fleet to be named.  I responded that I would hold off naming the fleet until the Launch Party such that the founding members could participate in the name.  Here is the start.  Please continue with this thread so we have a rich set of names from which to choose.

Fleet 14 - East Coast of Florida Fleet
Fleet 14 - First Light Fleet
Fleet 14 - Osprey Fleet

I look forward to your contributions.

Robert Schuldenfrei
Esprit du Vent - #422

Joe Kern

Bob- I am admittedly biased as a central Florida hanger on but I prefer the east coast version.  Having the geographic reference probably makes sense for prospective members to find us online and on the forum. There is no florida east coast fleet at all right now so take the whole east coast and if it grows it can be divided up and the names modified.  Just a thought and I am ok with any of the names
Joe Kern
2005 Catalina 34MKII
Hull # 1717
Merritt Island, Fl