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Hi Everyone interested in Fleet 14,

I spent some time today making phone calls.  Fleet 14 now has 11 members.  Ten of them have 34s or 355s and one has a larger Catalina and is an "Associate Member."  This number of members is but one shy of my goal of a dozen "founding members" by mid-August.  There are many more people who have not yet returned my call so I am certain we will reach our goal.

Next week I am going to start making "field trips" branching out from my home in Palm Beach.  It will be a while before I get up to mid-coastal Florida or down to the Biscayne Bay area, but that will happen before month's end.  I have not even started to work with Massey.  I am confident that with Ed Massey's help we will pick up more members.

Please try to look at our website ( and even our forum (  I would like to get a few pictures up of the boats of Fleet 14, so any of you who have pictures, please send them to me.  I will also be writing a quarterly newsletter.  If you have stories about your boat, how you named your boat, or general "sailor's life" tales I would like to hear from you.

Since we have members from as far north as Orlando and south as Miami, we will have our founder's meeting in Deerfield Beach, FL.  I am starting to firm up the date of August 14, 2013 at 7:00 PM for this launch party.  I would like to hear from the fleet members if that is a good date or would some other date between August 19th and August 29th be better for you.

I will be cruising this weekend, so this is my report for this week.  More next week.


Robert Schuldenfrei
Esprit du Vent - #422