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Wire to fuel pump corroded have my mechanic looking says that the wiring on the boat does not match diagram in manual or one Catalina just sent me.

Motor bogs down after motoring for a while new fuel filters fuel is fine.
Also do not have the buzzer when I turn my key on to start motor

Anybody else have this problem

Paul & Lynn Erb
Yachta Yachta Yachta
C34 2003 #1634
Rotonda West, FL 33947

Jim Hardesty

I had a weak fuel pump. It forced me to learn more than I wanted to about the fuel pump and the wiring.  The warning buzzer you hear when the key is turned on is the low oil pressure.  It will be on till the engine has turned over enough to get oil pressure.  On my 2001 the fuel pump is wired to the oil pressure sending unit.(ie no oil pressure no fuel pump)
You reported 2 problems, fuel pump not working and low oil pressure alarm not sounding.  Both are wired to the oil pressure sending unit.  I'd check that out.  It's engine port side, low on the engine block, in front and under the starter.
FWIW my wiring has always matched the diagram in the manual.
Jim Hardesty
2001 MKII hull #1570 M35BC  "Shamrock"
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from Commodore Perry Yacht Club
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Ron Hill

Paul : I agree with Jim that the wiring diagrams for the MK II pretty much match the actual wiring in the boats.  The Mk I is another story!!

Sounds as though you need a new oil pressure sending unit(double contact). 
Ron, Apache #788


Paule, Just went thru the same problem 2 weeks back when engine died as I was leaving Marina. It ended that I had a Racor Fuel filter that had plugged at the inlet before the priming pump rubber flapper. Before I found the real problem I first thought it was a fuel pump failure. Bought a new Facet fuel pump and oil pressure unit, $38
What I found was if you turn the ignition key on, you will get no low oil pressure light or buzzer unless the fuel pump is in the circuit.
I also found that by connecting across the two terminals of the oil pressure switch, you can activate the fuel pump without having to start the engine. New Facet fuel pumps cost $95, I now have a spare. On my engine , the lead from the oil pressure switch  to the filter has a connector near the pump.

Jack F Stewart
1993 C36 #1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH

M35AC engine
Jack F Stewart
1993 C36 #1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH