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Does anybody know what the life expectancy is of the battery charger Catalina puts in our boats. It is a 2003.  I have new batteries maybe month and a half old, when I check to see charge level in cabin they show around 14 volts on my gauge out by the wheel when I turn the key on it shows 13 volts. My diesel guy says that is normal.
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Jim Hardesty

Voltage is probably OK.  I doubt that the gages are well calibrated.  As long as starting is good and the voltage stays the same things I think that you are good.
Don't know if Catalina still used Pro Mariner battery charger on your model year.  See page 3 of the Critical Uprades and be warned.
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Stu Jackson

Most likely a Charles.  If a later model boat, probably not too bad IF it has a switch to allow you to change types of batteries.  The early Charles chargers left a LOT to be desired (do a search on "Charles Redux" for more).

Here's a good one:  

How to Wire a Battery Monitor by Maine Sail:

It's in the "101 Topics" under Electrical 101.

Stay away from Xantrex.

There is a pretty large voltage drop in the small wiring to the voltmeter in the cockpit, so trust your panel or a DVM on the battery bank.
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