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Author Topic: prop polishing  (Read 2039 times)

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Jim Hardesty

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prop polishing
« on: October 18, 2012, 12:35:47 PM »

John's reply in "kiwi prop" got me thinking about my ugly maxi-prop.  3 seasons ago (during winter lay-up) I had the prop off to repitch.  So I tried to polish it up (it was green), called maxi-prop they recommended CLR, used that with a final polish with never-dull.  Looked good going into the water, 6 months later its well tarnished black.
Suggestions please.
Jim Hardesty
2001 MKII hull #1570 M35BC  "Shamrock"
sailing Lake Erie
from Commodore Perry Yacht Club
Erie, PA

Ron Hill

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Re: prop polishing
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2012, 02:59:47 PM »

John : I'm surprised that the Maxi prop people said said to use CLR.
As I recall CLR states it is not to be used on aluminum and copper.  Bronze has enough copper in it that I surely wouldn't use it on my bronze.  My thought
Ron, Apache #788

Ed Shankle

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Re: prop polishing
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2012, 10:31:04 AM »

I polish my prop with a scotch bright disk/pad mounted on an electric drill. Keeping it growth free is another issue...

Ed Shankle
Tail Wind #866 1989
Salem, MA

John Langford

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Re: prop polishing
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2012, 09:01:45 PM »

I also use a green scotch brite pad with lots of water and elbow grease on my flex-o-fold and I sometimes finish up with a fine emery paper.
Ranger Tug, 29S


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Re: prop polishing
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2012, 06:08:05 AM »

Here is a product that might help with Prop fouling:  I bought some at the Annapolis Boat Show and am going to try it for next season.  Nothing much else works..... 
LanoCote® Prop & Bottom™ is an economical and very effective marine foul release coating.  Produced by boaters for boaters, it is a well tested marine foul release based on lanolin and other biodegradable additives.

When applied according to directions to metal props and running gear, it can provide up to six months, or more in some cases, protection from the growth of algae, sea grass, and a wide variety of worms, corals and barnacles.

What is LanoCote Prop & Bottom and How Does It Work?

LanoCote® Prop & Bottom™ is a proprietary formula designed for application while the boat is on the hard, or while in the water. (See application tips below).  It is a “foul release” coating, and as such, it provides a surface condition to which common marine growth has difficulty adhering.

The coating or “skin” that forms makes it very difficult for marine organisms – algae, sea grass, and a wide variety of worms, corals and barnacles – to get a firm grip on your boat’s running gear and the result is that motion through the water causes the release of this growth.

LanoCote Prop & Bottom is naturally green, naturally sourced, bio-renewable, non-toxic, and biodegradable.  It is also California Prop 65 compliant and contains no petrochemicals or known carcinogens

Why LanoCote Prop & Bottom and What Can It Do For Me?

LanoCote® Prop & Bottom™ is a very economical and very effective marine foul release coating.  When correctly applied, it keeps props, running gear and even boat bottoms free of marine growth for extended periods of time – up to six months, or more in some cases.  Its effectiveness can vary based on local conditions.  In all cases it is economical to use and provides the foul free surfaces that are critical for efficient operation.

This surface coating will cause growth to be thrown off of props and stripped from bottoms while the boat is underway.  If a boat is used infrequently growth is likely to occur, but at a reduced rate and quantity.  LanoCote Prop & Bottom will allow growth to be easily wiped free from the waterline, bottom and running gear by an owner or professional diver in the water or hosed off on the hard.

An important side benefit to this product is the corrosion protection it provides.  This can be a significant cost savings over several seasons, as the life of expensive bronze, aluminum or stainless steel parts will be prolonged.

What To Expect:

We have found that success will depend on local conditions.  LanoCote Prop & Bottom can provide excellent results in a great many regions, though local water temperatures, salinity and local water chemistry, along with local marine life can affect the outcome.  We suggest you test LanoCote Prop & Bottom on you prop for a month or two to measure the results.

As you find success in your local conditions, remember that LanoCote Prop & Bottom is an excellent bottom coating for all the same reasons.  In all cases common marine growth simply wipes off props and bottoms when hauled or when in the water.

And there is no waiting time after application…just re-launch.  The trademark whitish skin will form in 72 hours.
Application Tips:

Application can be accomplished either with the boat on the hard or in the water.  The surfaces should be clean as they would be for applying bottom paint.

An even coating is recommended, approximately .010In (.25mm) or the thickness of a business card.  Running the prop and water motion over running gear will smooth out the application, and remember that thinner is better:  .010 in. (.25mm) in most conditions.  This smoothing can easily be achieved on hull applications by launching and getting underway with freshly applied Prop & Bottom. 

Prop, Shafts and Running Gear – Under Water:  Apply to a cleaned metal surface while under the water as follows.  Take a golf ball sized handful of LanoCote Prop & Bottom at 50-70 °F (10-21 °C) and press and spread smoothly on to surface to a thickness of approximately .010In (.25mm) or the thickness of a business card.  Launch any time.  A whitish skin will form in 72 hours or less.

Note: If needed, slightly warm LanoCote Prop & Bottom to the consistency of soft putty or butter.  Do not use liquid/melted LanoCote Prop & Bottom in the water as it will float out of the jar.  If it becomes melted from heat or the sun, just cool a closed jar in the water until it is firm as soft butter.

Prop, Shafts and Running Gear – On The Hard:  Remove all debris and clean down to bright metal.  Sand with 80-grit paper or finer to add “tooth” to prop surface.  Clean surfaces with solvent and heat metal parts/use sunlight to 100-120 °F (38-49 °C) for longest lasting results.  Apply by hand/ paintbrush to a thickness of approx .010In (.25mm.)

Boat Hull or Inflatable Bottom:  Apply to a clean bottom with vessel on the hard.  Heat LanoCote Prop & Bottom to approx 100-120 °F (38-49 °C) and roll on smoothly with a short nap roller to a thickness of approx .010In (.25mm) or the thickness of one business card.  Launch any time.  LanoCote Prop & Bottom will produce a whitish skin after approximately 72 hours in the water.
Disposable latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves are recommended to keep hands free of the stickiness of the substance.  LanoCote Prop & Bottom is designed to be sticky and tenacious to adhere to your props, running gear and hull – and it will also stick to just about everything else.
Mineral sprits and disposable rags will clean LanoCote Prop & Bottom from surrounding surfaces and tools.
LanoCote® Prop & Bottom™ is available at better marine stores and online at
 LANOCOTE Prop & Bottom, 16oz.

First Point of Aries
1987 - Hull # 389
located on Lake Ogleton, Annapolis, Md
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