Cockpit Cushions Mk II For Sale

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Mark Stein

We recently replaced our cockpit cushions with C Cushions from the boat show this past winter.  So, we have a set available from our 1997 Mk II, SteinWay IV, hull number 1357.  The long side cushions were new when we bought the boat in 2007 and the others, I'm fairly certain, are original equipment.  The three rear seat cushions are showing some wear but the stern rail pair are in good condition. They are all white and have foam interior and have been stored at home during the winter since we've owned the boat.

We just recieved the C Cushions and they came in two large boxes (although not very heavy), so we may be able to get them into the same boxes to ship.

If you need cushions, please contact me.

Please make us an offer or contact me if you would like to see pctures.


Mark Stein
SteinWay IV #1357