C-34 MK II Head Fawcet/Shower

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Steve Sayian

I changed out the head fawcet/shower assembly for a single handle assembly. This is the original fawcet/shower assembly that came with the boat in 1999.

Works fine and all hardware is included.

$50.00 plus shipping.
If interested, please contact me at ssayian@hotmail.com


Steve Sayian
"Ocean Rose"
1999 Mk II
Wing, Std Rig, Kiwi Prop
#1448, Hingham, Mass

Fred Koehlmann

Hi Steve,

I'd be curious knowing what you replaced it with, and from where? The admiral is interested in getting a single lever type faucet as well.

Thansk, Fred.
Frederick Koehlmann: Dolphina - C425 #3, Midland, ON
PO: C34 #1602, M35BC engine