2011 Cruise schedule

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Our plans for 2011 - for more information, contact Scott Lee  (skipperscottlee@att.net)

Sausalito Cruise-inMay 20, 21, 22Eight Boats in downtown Sausalito with fine food and adult beverages
All Catalina RendezvousJuly 15, 16, 17Fifties -Rock around the clock details:  http://raft.c380.org/
Around Alameda / OYC DinnerJuly 30, 31sign up before 7/22
Delta and Little Venice IslandAugust 17 thru 23Sign up by 7/29 --- a stop over at Benicia both ways

Rendezvous information, sign-up and payment:



Where is the Rendezous this year?  How would I sign up for it?  Thanks.



Fleet 1 has 11 boats and wins best represented.   Also does well in the sporting events and raffle.  A fun weekend for all.


The cruising year for Fleet 1 has come to an successful end.  The LVYC visit 60 miles into the Delta was great trip.