Consistantly Losing Cat 34 Racer needs Used Racing Genoa / Main

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Fellow Catalina 34 Racers. I have a 2005 Catalina 34 std rig. I have been racing consistently in Los Angeles in Redondo Beach California for two years with my boat and seem to consistently come in last place each week. I have an experienced crew, a folding prop, a two year old Doyle cruising main and old NORTH Sail 3DL 155 Genoa that we bought from Torin Knorr a couple of years ago. We got two great years out of that 155, but due to a run in with a spreader at the end of last season, it got shredded. Due to its age and fragility, it does not pay for us to put any more money into repairing it.

The winds in our area are light and average someplace between 6 to 8 Knots.  We are looking to purchase another used 155 racing sail preferably for a SDT rig, though we could cut down a tall rig version. We may also be interested in a used Racing main as ours is a cruising main. If you know of anyone with some used sails, we would appreciate if you could have them email me at

If you do not have any sails, I would be grateful for any recommendations for the types or cut of sails that may help us to go faster in light winds. Is a deck sweeper better thn a high clue sail for light winds ?.  Any insight if you know of any places to get any new sails at reasonable costs would help as well.

On the few days last year that we actually had winds in the 10 to 15 knot range, our boat did sail faster than many of the other boats in our PHRF B Class.

Thanks again and happy sailing!
Peter Ellis Island II