Best source of replacement foam in Bay Area

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Bob Mobley

I replaced the foam in the seat cushions a year ago from a place in Redding.  They say they used the highest density foam but it is already compressing.  It was not cheap! :?

I need to replace the foam in the sleeping areas.  I assume it is the original, from 1988-89.   Any suggestions on the best vendor to go to in the Bay Area and what to ask for.  I am in Vallejo.

Bob Mobley


Hey Bob,  I have an idea for you.  The previous owner of my boat had a custom innerspring mattress made for the forepeak.  I've never had one before (on previous boats) because they are expensive (in the $1,000+ range).  However, after sleeping on this one I really get it!  It is so worth the money.  My wife says it's really comfortable, and it makes sleeping on the boat a real treat (not at all "camping out").  It might be worth checking out.  If you're interested I can dig out the invoice and give you the address - it's in the Bay Area.

Bob Mobley


I ended up using Bob;s faom factory in Fremont.  Great service.  I found them using Yelp.

Stu Jackson

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